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We believe that creativity is the birthright of all. We dare to be excited, motivated, passionate, different. We dare to challenge the standard and the routine and to create the extraordinary and unexpected. We believe in creating communities that foster meaningful discussion, creative thinking, informed opinion, purposeful action. We dare to participate in our own life.  We believe in who we are and stand up for what we believe in.
Youth Crew Project je mjesto gdje mladi pokreću mlade. ART GRUPA je obučila osnovnu grupu mladih lidera (Youth Leaders), koji sarađuju sa mentorima na razvoju i implementaciji aktivnosti za mlade. Cilj Youth Crew projekta jeste animiranje i motivisanje što većeg broja mladih ljudi u BiH da se aktivno uključe u svijet koji ih okružuje.
Youth Crew Project is a place where youth inspire youth. ART GRUPA trained a core group of Youth Leaders, who work with mentors on development and implementation of activities within the Project. The goal of the Project is to encourage youth in BiH to get actively involved in their communities.

Mateo Bunjevac
Youth Coordinator

Project: BH Vision Board supported by United States Embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina